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Wouldn’t it be amazing to speak another language fluently?
To see a native speaker’s eyes light up when you speak their language, to watch TV without subtitles, to make new friends and even find love all via a new language?
It would absolutely change your life. That’s why its something that most people would love to do!
However, out of the millions of people who actually try to learn another language, only a small amount ever end up reaching a good level of fluency.
Why do most people fail?
Mainly it’s because they follow the wrong method. The way they go about learning on a daily basis ends up not working for them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if a method you use is popular or even if it works well for other people…if it doesn’t match your personality and learning style, it will fail you.
It takes years to figure out what resources work best for you, what advice to listen to and what language learning method fits your personality and learning style. Most people can not wait that long. They get frustrated, they lose time, money, motivation and eventually they give up.
This is exactly why you need this course… With this course, you can skip the years of experimentation and frustration trying to find ways of fitting yourself to various language learning methods. Instead you’ll be presented with a clear breakdown, step by step, of everything you need to do in order to learn ANY language quickly and you will be provided you with THE best method to reach fluency for you.
This a method that took me 10 long years and learning 7 languages to develop. It’s a method that finally adapts itself to you instead of the other way around.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn…

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What makes this course special?

This course is extremely unique, it blends 10 years of language learning expertise with 8 years of studying personality psychology (The Big 5, Jungian Functions, MBTI, etc.)
The end result is a course that teaches you not only every thing you would ever need to know about the language learning process but also how to learn based off of your personality type and preferences.
Ultimately, the goal of this course is to get you fluent as quickly as possible while having as much fun as possible. In order to do that, the method taught has been made with complete customizability in mind. As what is fun to one person, is unenjoyable to another.
I can’t emphasize this enough, if you are extroverted, introverted, an avid reader, a movie buff, a gamer, a social butterfly or even a recluse, it doesn’t matter. This course and the method taught within will adapt itself perfectly to you. That is something extremely rare.
Most methods are one size fit all (poorly).
“You need to get a lot of input and only input!”
“You should only use this app, then use this book!”
“You need to take a language course at university!”
“Speak from day one and don’t stop!”
Listen, humans are not one-dimensional beings. No matter how well a method works for a certain subset of people, it will fail for the majority of others. Recommending a very extroverted person to read and watch content for years before speaking to natives, or an introverted person to learn mainly through speaking and tutor lessons is a recipe for disaster.
The Ikenna Method Course is unlike anything ever made before. Here’s why…
It takes into consideration everything that’s necessary to achieve fluency from a tools and strategic level. Such as what resources to use, when to use them, how long to use them for, special techniques to master grammar & vocab, how to go from beginner to intermediate to advanced, etc.
It takes into consideration everything that’s necessary to make sure you stick with the method. Such as giving you expectations of what you’ll feel mentally, ways to keep yourself motivated, and ways to adapt the method/resources you use to suit what you are most likely to enjoy and find effective.
The end result is a powerful method that you can follow that is custom tailored to who YOU are, how much time a day YOU have free and YOUR learning style. In addition to being an enjoyable course, that walks you through everything else you need to know, step by step, in an entertaining way. 


From Prominent Polyglots
From Course Takers
Samantha Tully
Samantha Tully
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“...I’ve followed Ikenna for years on Youtube and was one of the first ones to get access to this course. Like, wow, I finally feel understood. I had so many things I was unsure about with language learning like which apps to use and even whether I should use tutors, things like this. The ikenna method laid out everything and every detail of what I needed to know. Gave me a clear roadmap and showed me how I could adjust it to my personality type (INFJ). I feel like something clicked, that the path I’m gonna follow is custom made for me and I don’t have to force myself to speak every day in order to learn (what i used to do, sorry italki).”
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez
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“I just started learning Spanish again after two years of being on and off. This course’s release was perfect timing. After going through it all I have a good grasp of every step I need to take in order to reach fluency (B2-C1) and I also appreciated how his method kind of changes itself to me and my outgoing super extrovert personality haha. Def would reccomend to my friends, nice job man!”
James Kensington
James Kensington
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“Fluency always seems so far away, but after this course I actually feel like i know how to get there and I fully believe I can hit it by the end of next year, let’s go!”

About the creator

By the age of 25, I’ve taught myself Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, Chinese, Spanish and German (current language).
This was not an easy feat.
I’m American and like most, I was raised only speaking English. Everyone of the above languages I learned as an adult. 
It was a major challenge. I didn’t have the advantage that bilinguals and trilinguals have going into studying a foreign language. I was only familiar with the structure of English and couldn’t even conceive of the fact that most languages were structured very differently.
I even believed that I wasn’t naturally good with languages due to bad experiences learning Spanish in high school and eventually dropping the class.
However, my interests for certain cultures and languages prevailed. Slowly but surely over the last 10 years I’ve fought myself through vastly different languages. I’ve battled the tones of Chinese, the verb2 switching of Dutch, the case system of Russian, the gender variations of German, the backwards structure of Japanese, the subjunctive of Spanish and the French reflexive.
Through my struggles I have learned what it takes to reach fluency in different languages. I have stumbled on every pitfall imaginable and I’ve learned a lot from it.
I’m not someone who has spent 10 years mastering a single language and is then trying to transpose my knowledge to fit whatever language you are learning.
Instead I’m someone who has gotten pretty good (conversationally fluent) in a bunch of very different languages. This has given me rare insight and complete confidence that I can help you become fluent in ANY language.
I’ve seen it all…and as once a speaker of only English, I know exactly where you are coming from.

Who is this course for?

It’s for you. Literally.
Years of work and research went into the making of this course for it to be specially tailored to you. As I’ve mentioned previously, the course and method within adapts itself to your personality type, preferences and learning style.
In general, this course is for anyone of any age who is serious about reaching fluency in their target language.
If perhaps you are looking to casually pick up a language through only 10 mins of study a day, it’s possible this isn’t the right course for you (although it still would very helpful).
However, If you have it in your head that “Hey, no matter what I want to become fluent in X language. Even if it takes spending more than 30 minutes most days.”
It’s for you.
This course is for those determined to become fluent.
Regardless of whether you have tried and failed previously to reach fluency. Regardless of if this the first time you are learning a foreign language, or even the fifth time. The content of this course will get you to where you want to be.
The future version of yourself that’s able to effortlessly speak another language is on the other side of The Ikenna Method.

Learning a language will change you

What’s the benefit of being fluent in another language as opposed to dabbling?
I’m sure you’ve heard of many of the benefits of language learning such as:
Improved memory, better career opportunities, or even improving your reputation.
However I wanted to share with you some of the unique ways reaching fluency in different languages has changed my life and benefited me personally.
I have:
How language learning can benefit someone will vary by person, but those are the biggest ways it’s effected mine and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the ways it will benefit you!

Proof it works

Here is a video series where I used a very early (rough) version of The Ikenna Method to learn Spanish in five months while bedridden and ill. At the end of the five months I was able to have hour long conversations with natives about a myriad of subjects, watch TV shows without subtitles and read advanced books.
Since you’ve scrolled down this far, it’s possible that you’re quite interested but perhaps not sure if you should take action!
To help you make a decision, use the code IKENNA10 at the checkout and you’ll receive an additional 10% discount! 🙂


After purchasing the course, you will receive an email with a teachable link that provides access to the course and all of the goodies!
  • Ask and you shall receive! Use IKENNA10 for a 10% discount on this very course.
  • You’ll get a 10% discount on my upcoming language learning app when it’s out too.
  • Any paid programs or apps I recommend in the course are often discounted.
  • You’ll also get a free copy of the Fluency Made Easy audiobook and e-book.
  • And lastly, exclusive access to my Discord Server for free.
There is a 30 days (no questions asked) money back guarantee! So you have no risk! If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied you can contact us and you’ll get your money back.
The app is scheduled to be made public in early-mid 2022 although dates may change depending on development. Trust me it will be worth the wait! The app will also be the perfect companion to this course as it is being built around the same methodology taught in this course.
Absolutely, this course is the next evolution of Fluency Made Easy. It took me years to come up with the additional insights and advice I cover in this course. FME is a great place to start from, especially for casual learners. However, this is THE course to use if you are serious about reaching a solid level of fluency.
In FME I primarily go over my personal backstory with languages and set you on a solid path to follow via recommended programs. In The Ikenna Method course, I show you all of my new special techniques, cover the three new levels of reaching fluency, give you updated recommendations on resources to use, demonstrate how to customize the method and your learning to best fit your personality, give you exclusive discounts and access to a community to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Most importantly, The Ikenna Method is an entertaining, educational video course, which contains much more up to date information than FME. Four years additional years of learning and observing the language learners who watch my channel have led to insights that have completely changed the way I approach language learning. Do not miss out on taking the course.



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Terms & Conditions Apply

What's included with the course